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Training & Fund Raising Update

So I have actually been riding for the last 3 weeks now and only today started to really think about starting the fund raising and blogging of my progress going… Yes, I have been known to be a little slow on the uptake some times!!

Good thing I have friends who aren’t quite as slow!! I sent out about 60+ e-mails tonight asking for sponsorship and THANK YOU to the Cockman family!! My very first sponsors on this Epic journey!!

And how has my training been going in the last 3 weeks?

Week 1 – My first ride after a 5 week break was a KILLER. I rode with the Bikeforce Joondalup cycling group. It was pretty chilly start and of course they only chose the hilliest course they could think of!! I am proud to say I DID it!! 31km later and a respectable last in the group, my training has begun!!

Week 2 – Another Saturday ride and it was actually easy!! It was not as cold and the route was tame compared to last week. Only 1 big hill and a few “speed bumps”. I even led the pack for a little bit of the way too. We rode along the Burns Beach/ Jindalee coast and it was BEAUTIFUL. Perfect day for riding. Not too cold and a little sun. I even managed to enjoy the scenery!! 35.48km this week!!

Week 3 – This ride was a little bit of an on again off again story because it had been raining ALL week and I really did not want to ride in the rain. The day dawned perfect for a ride, no showers and completely still. It was a shorter ride at 27km but I had plans!!

SUNDAY!!! I had heard about the Northern Beaches Cycling group and had been contemplating their regular Sunday ride for a while. I finally decided that this was the day I was going to join them. It was another “chance of showers” day that dawned quite dry and looked un-threatening so I was off again. And wow, what a route!! I only managed about 90% of the ride because I rocked up late to the start (it looked a lot closer on the map!!) and only rode 37km of a hoped for 45km but what a ride!! Hills a plenty but somehow it didn’t seem quite as bad as Week 1 through Wanneroo… I must be getting better!! The free coffee for first time riders at Cafe de Carlo was a great treat, as was being in the company of crazy fellow cycling enthusiasts. Total ride distance this week 64km!!

Decided that this weekend (being Mother’s day on Sunday) is going to be my slow week. Only a Saturday ride for me. So until next week, Ciao my lovelies!!

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