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You Have 6 Kids!!?? Are They All Yours?

I am sure no one means to be rude when they say that. Yes, I have a large family by todays standards. Yes, they are all OURS and YES we planned and wanted at least 4!! 

Other comments I have heard multiple times are;

“Gee, you must have your hands full!”

“Wow, I don’t know how you do it. I struggle with 2”

“Do you ever sleep?”

and my favourite,

“You must be a glutton for punishment!”

Yeah just call me Super-Mum!! I am not trying to be biased here but I do have good kids and I tell every one that each time someone else makes another ‘smart’ comment.

This is pretty much what we do ALL summer!!

Of course they all have their moments of ‘brilliance’ when I could happily throttle them but then don’t we all have ‘one of those’ days? My children are good but they are not angels. I will be the first to admit that there are MULTIPLE moments of absolute and complete apoplexy in the frustrating, high-speed roller coaster ride of parenthood. BUT when I do have a moment to step back and breathe. It really is all good.

I don’t know if anyone expects that being a parent is going to be easy. I am not sure if any would-be parent knows what to expect. I certainly didn’t and I WANTED lots of kids!! I did however, have a game plan in mind and pretty much stuck to that… roughly. And so far it all seems to be working!!

In brief I would say, raising these 6 beautiful children is like conducting one MASSIVE experiment in which failure is not an option and if you need to be on your toes constantly.  It is a time consuming and altogether complicated process and perhaps there is too much ego in this but I am so proud of myself and my children. God has gifted me with these 6 new souls and entrusted me to facilitate in His creative process of shaping and forming 6 complete individuals. Each and every one, an amazingly precious and unique work of art.

How could I not stand back every so often, in wide eyed wonder, and just go     “WoW!

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