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Sometimes Life Just Gets In The Way

Ok, so I haven’t posted for a while… Over a week. Wow, as they say times goes faster when you are having fun!! Actually, I was MEGA busy. First up there was our curry fund raising event that I made 6 different curries for and then the event itself. Naturally I forgot to take photos of EVERYTHING so I am a little bummed about that. BUT on the up side we would have had at least 100 people come through in spite of the rain AND even better, we raised $700 for our Conquer Cancer Ride!! Woo Hoo!!

I was also involved in the Western Australian Marathon Club Relay Marathon with my Keep On Tri-ing buddies. I pulled out of my 14km leg of the relay ‘cos a few weeks ago I popped something in my foot which meant I couldn’t walk, much less train for the event. I did end up running with Colleen on the last 5km leg to lend some moral support. Well, at least I hope I was giving support and not being an annoying, distracting pain with my constant chatter!! The point is I WAS trying to distract Colleen because she looked SO nervous before the run and she had never run 5km before… YAY Colleen!! You did it without stopping once!! So proud of you!!

Besides all that I also worked on the Sunday morning, giving my little communications lecture to 17 engaged couples as part of their marriage preparation course. That is always interesting and very rewarding.

And then there was the echocardiogram. Now THAT was an experience. I have been “suffering” from high blood pressure since I got pregnant with number 6 and it has just never gone away. (Number 6 turns 3 this Sunday) So as part of a routine check-up/ assessment, my wonderful nurse practitioner Mr. Adrian Large, I get to go for this diagnostic test… It involved a lot of wires being stuck all over my chest and back, ultrasounds of my heart and then a jog on a treadmill… great fly on the wall conversation… “Oh so you’re a triathelete, ok, I think we will put you on the high accelerated speed.” “Huh?” “Oh that just means the treadmill will start speeding up and inclining faster”… “Oh…”

Hahaha… As daunting as it sounded, the run was actually very easy. The hard part was when they made me get off to ultrasound my heart again while I was still puffing from the run… THAT was tough, trying to hold my breath while the sonographer did her thing!! I haven’t gone back to get the results yet but I guess no news is good news right? I’ll make that appointment for next week.

And of course there are my wonderful children, their activities and our homeschooling. I read this marvellous quote the other day by Chris Hedges.

“We’ve bought into the idea that education is about training and “success”, defined monetarily, rather than learning to think critically and to challenge. We should not forget that the true purpose of education is to make minds not careers. A culture that does not grasp the vital interplay between morality and power, which mistakes management techniques for wisdom, which fails to understand that the measure of a civilisation is its compassion, not its speed or ability to consume, condemns itself to death.”

And this ladies and gentlemen is a pretty summary of why I do what I do and what I am trying to achieve with my children. Mr. Hedges definitely has a new fan… Now I just have to figure out now how to link his feeds/ blog to mine… Everyday is a new learning opportunity!!

So What’s Been Happening Lately?

Since my last post things have been chaotic…Not trying to make excuses for not posting sooner but seriously, I amaze myself sometimes!

Anyway, a quick update on how things are panning out for my $5000 fundraising goal. My amazing children (and also my amazing adopted daughter who lives behind us and jumps the fence everyday) sold every last chocolate frog, koala and whatever else there was in those 20 boxes!! in 2 and a half weeks too!! Wow!! Thats another $400 for the WAIMR!!

Visit them at this link here http://www.waimr.uwa.edu.au to read more about some of the cool stuff they have already done and are still working on. They have a pretty funky website for ‘nerds’. (just kidding)

Next weekend the wonderful Hubby Man and I have planned a CURRY and SAUSAGE SIZZLE event!! Looks like it is gong to be pretty great day. I can’t believe how many companies have said they are happy to pitch in and donate meat and other stuff to help us out!! And all we had to do was ASK!!

During my running around today I thought of some other cool things we could to to fund raise but I’ll leave that for another day/post!!


So What is This Ride To Conquer Cancer All About? Where Does My Money Go?

A few people have given me admiring looks and compliments when I tell them I am doing this 200km ride. So what is this really all about? Well, I thought rather than blog about it I would show you instead. They say a picture speaks a thousand words. I hope this short video will speak to you.


Chocolate Frogs & Koalas

At the orientation we were told very specifically that chocolate frogs and koalas were not the best “bang for your buck” fund raising idea. BUT those guys don’t have 6 gorgeous, super eager kids (and one equally gorgeous & eager young neighbour’s kid) just busting to get out there and sell choccies for them!!

So all 20 boxes arrived today and true to form, the kids picked up the boxes and I let them loose on our neighbours. (I DID trail them around). About an hour later the triumphant troops arrived home with 2 empty boxes and a fistful of cash!! Woo Hoo!! We are on our way to that $5000 goal!! Thanks Cadbury!!

After this chocolate fling perhaps a curry night? Can’t wait!!


Training & Fund Raising Update

So I have actually been riding for the last 3 weeks now and only today started to really think about starting the fund raising and blogging of my progress going… Yes, I have been known to be a little slow on the uptake some times!!

Good thing I have friends who aren’t quite as slow!! I sent out about 60+ e-mails tonight asking for sponsorship and THANK YOU to the Cockman family!! My very first sponsors on this Epic journey!!

And how has my training been going in the last 3 weeks?

Week 1 – My first ride after a 5 week break was a KILLER. I rode with the Bikeforce Joondalup cycling group. It was pretty chilly start and of course they only chose the hilliest course they could think of!! I am proud to say I DID it!! 31km later and a respectable last in the group, my training has begun!!

Week 2 – Another Saturday ride and it was actually easy!! It was not as cold and the route was tame compared to last week. Only 1 big hill and a few “speed bumps”. I even led the pack for a little bit of the way too. We rode along the Burns Beach/ Jindalee coast and it was BEAUTIFUL. Perfect day for riding. Not too cold and a little sun. I even managed to enjoy the scenery!! 35.48km this week!!

Week 3 – This ride was a little bit of an on again off again story because it had been raining ALL week and I really did not want to ride in the rain. The day dawned perfect for a ride, no showers and completely still. It was a shorter ride at 27km but I had plans!!

SUNDAY!!! I had heard about the Northern Beaches Cycling group and had been contemplating their regular Sunday ride for a while. I finally decided that this was the day I was going to join them. It was another “chance of showers” day that dawned quite dry and looked un-threatening so I was off again. And wow, what a route!! I only managed about 90% of the ride because I rocked up late to the start (it looked a lot closer on the map!!) and only rode 37km of a hoped for 45km but what a ride!! Hills a plenty but somehow it didn’t seem quite as bad as Week 1 through Wanneroo… I must be getting better!! The free coffee for first time riders at Cafe de Carlo was a great treat, as was being in the company of crazy fellow cycling enthusiasts. Total ride distance this week 64km!!

Decided that this weekend (being Mother’s day on Sunday) is going to be my slow week. Only a Saturday ride for me. So until next week, Ciao my lovelies!!

Ride To Conquer Cancer

So I have decided to do this 200km ride to help raise funds for the WAIMR (Western Australian Institute for Medical Research) Western Australia’s premier adult medical research institute, investigating the genetic and environmental causes of a range of diseases.

Why this ride? Why this particular beneficiary? Well, In the last 5 years I have had 9 friends and family (that I know of) diagnosed with breast, bowel, prostate and other cancers. Of these 9 only 2 are survivors and 1 is still receiving treatment. I have seen first hand the pain and suffering cancer causes, not only to the sufferer but also to loved ones.

Before I learned about the Ride To Conquer Cancer I felt helpless as to what I could do to help. I would make a donation here, send flowers there and laugh and cry with my friends.

With this ride, EVERY dollar raised goes DIRECTLY to the Western Australian Institute of Medical Research (WAIMR) who are making amazing breakthroughs in the fight against this terrible disease. You can read about some of the great work WAIMR has done here http://www.waimr.uwa.edu.au/

So I guess if you have got this far into this blog you must be a little interested. I am asking you now to be as generous as you can. I have set my personal goal at A$5000 and I am confident, with your support I can easily reach.

This cause is so important to me, and I really want to be a part of the cure. Cancer has touched too many of my friends and family and taken too many lives already. We need to take action against this disease, and I am committed to making a difference.
I’d also like to ask another favour of all of you. Please forward my request for support to everyone you know – family, friends and colleagues. The more people behind this cause, the sooner we can find a cure for this horrible disease.

Click on this link below and with my bike, my helmet and your support, we can CONQUER cancer!!



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