Welcome To The Fun House

So What Has Been Happening Lately?

Since my last post things have been chaotic…Not trying to make excuses for not posting sooner but seriously, I amaze myself sometimes!

Anyway, a quick update on how things are panning out for my $5000 fundraising goal. My amazing children (and also my amazing adopted daughter who lives behind us and jumps the fence everyday) sold every last chocolate frog, koala and whatever else there was in those 20 boxes!! in 2 and a half weeks too!! Wow!! Thats another $400 for the WAIMR!!

Visit them at this link here http://www.waimr.uwa.edu.au to read more about some of the cool stuff they have already done and are still working on. They have a pretty funky website for ‘nerds’. (just kidding)

Next weekend the wonderful Hubby Man and I have planned a CURRY and SAUSAGE SIZZLE event!! Looks like it is gong to be pretty great day. I can’t believe how many companies have said they are happy to pitch in and donate meat and other stuff to help us out!! And all we had to do was ASK!!

During my running around today I thought of some other cool things we could to to fund raise but I’ll leave that for another day/post!!

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