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I must be onto something good!!

I have been asked MANY times for recipes of dishes that I have cooked. Thats great and fine, sharing is fantastic and Good food is one of my Great Loves!! And since I am a strong believer of “The more love there is in this world the better!!” I’ve been sharing and giving heaps of people recipes for YEARS. And then it hit me one afternoon while I was at Shelley’s place (eating my freshly baked, Apple & Blackberry crumble pie!!) PUT THEM ON YOUR BLOG!!! So I’ve decided the first recipe I’ll post will be my Apple and Blackberry crumble/pie.

This is such a quick and simple recipe I almost feel like a fraud!! I make it more complicated by making my own pastry base but frozen shortcrust from the supermarkets will work. (Not as yummy, of course!) So here it is… Bon Appetit!!

Apple & Blackberry Pie-crumble

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