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Hello world!

Not too sure at this stage how this is going to look… Call it a work in progress… developing (and hopefully constantly getting better and more refined) as I grow… Just like children really. Of which I have 6… which explains the name, …8 is gr8…

More than anything I am thinking this will be  a record of how we are travelling in our busy little world.

In our Little World, we homeschool our oldest 4, Madeleine, Josephine, Augustine, and Caroline. Benjamin (BJ) and Gwendoline at 2 and 1 are still a little young to be in “formal” school.

Simon, my husband is a house painter who came to this trade later in life.. earlier this year he was made redundant after 25 years in his previous industry and decided on a more colourful change. So far he seems to be loving it which is GREAT. We are all very proud of him.

Me, I often wonder why people keep telling me I am brave and ask me how I do it… You decide for yourself – am I brave, incredibly organised or maybe insane –

Simon and I, together with the gorgeous Fr. Emil Ciecierega SDS are the Western Unit Leaders of WorldWide Marriage Encounter (WWME). After the children, their activities, keeping our finances and the house in order,  WWME work mostly occupies most of my time. We are very heavily involved in the Marriage Enrichment world and LOVE what we

Marriage Encounter Weekend

Image by sirwiseowl via Flickr

do but by no means are we experts at having a happy successful marriage. We face all the same issues, fights and joys that most married couples do… In fact we often joke, we probably need WWME more than most!!

If I wasn’t a stay at home mother I am pretty sure I would be a partner in some accounting firm. I LOVE the finance, projects and investments fields.

Thats all for my first post. I’m hoping to add photos and other interesting links (when I learn how to) in the next week.

I am thinking that my next post will be on Homeschooling and the benefits we have found for our family.

Thank you for visiting 8isgr8. Please come back soon!!

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