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Baby You’re A Firework!

For years now I have been fielding comments and questions like, “Where do you find all that energy?” or “You’re amazing” or “I don’t know how you do it!”

Thanks guys, but really, I am not that great!! Don’t get me wrong, I love compliments as much as the next person but in my minds eye, I am not anything extra special. Yes, sure, I homeschool and run our household.  But that is not special! HEAPS of women homeschool and run their homes.

Maybe it is because I also cycle, train for triathlons and together Simon and I fund raise and are involved in several marriage education or marriage enrichment programs? Hmm… sure, cycling and training are time consuming. So are fund raising and organising, preparing, participating in and presenting talks for the marriage enrichment programs. Again, what is the big deal? Everyone has hobbies right? Could it be that my “hobbies” benefit people outside of just me and our family and that makes me seem super?

Is it the fact that I have 6 kids and still manage? …. Am I spreading myself too thin? I do not  think or feel I am. Looking around, the house is bearably clean and neat for having 6 kids romping around in it all day. My family are all fed and watered (and relatively) balanced individuals. My husband is happy and I don’t feel stretched. In fact I am REALLY happy. I love my life and everything I do because it is what I WANT to do and NONE of it is a burden.

Then I read a couple of articles (attached below) by Peter Bregman and the penny dropped. This is pretty much HOW I do it all and WHERE I find my energy.

I look at my two lists every day and DECIDE what is important to me. But more importantly I DECIDE that there are some things that I will not allow to take up my time and I FOCUS!! I have pretty much unknowingly done this most of my life and I am very proud to say I have racked up a LOT of ticks on my bucket list.

It is quite simple really, if you focus on it!!



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