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To Tri Or Not To Triathlon (& Just Cycle Instead)

It was an amazing convergence of events. This happened over weeks but it seemed one day the baby turned 2, hubby got a new job which meant he was home in the early afternoons and on weekends, our Worldwide Marriage Encounter leadership term expired and suddenly this whole new world of time and possibilities opened up for me. Maybe I also had an early mid life crisis because at the beginning of the year I completed a 6 week triathlon training course and raced and finished my first ever triathlon. Definitely one of the highlights of my year.

Nerves plus!!

I had planned to race in at least another two or three more in the season but only managed one more a few weeks later. I finished that too but as I had not kept up with my training I was not happy with my results.

I think I am hooked now. I have even got my kids into the sport. Talk about value for money, I pass  all the tips that my coach gave me on to them!!

I am pretty sure I want to race in more Triathlons but for the last 6 weeks I have been nursing a really sore foot. Dr. Google says I have a badly strained plantar fascia. Basically a strain in the arch of the foot… I have done all the right things and I can at least walk now in relative comfort. Thank God my cycling and swimming were not affected or I might have just given it all away!!

So the question is do I persist with my training or forget Triathlons altogether and just focus on cycling? That is a tough one. I was just starting to really enjoy running again. And swimming, what can I say? I can swim for miles in the pool but throw me in the ocean or river and I panic… You would not believe how DIFFERENT pool and open water swimming are!!

It seems so simple doesn’t it? And maybe the simple answer is the right one BUT at the end of the day what I want and what is right don’t match up so I guess this is going to have to be decided by my FOOT!!

Ok Foot? You hear that? You have already making me miss the Relay Marathon next weekend BUT the City 2 Surf is at the end of August!! So what are you waiting for? Get better already and lets get running!!

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