Welcome To The Fun House

Good Bye Jess!

I went to the funeral of a friend the other day. She was only in her 20s. Young and vibrant  with two young children. I cannot say she was a close friend. More an acquaintance, but her death affected me profoundly. She was one of those people who seem to have the ability to transcend social conventions and was happy in her own skin. She was quirky and creative and a free spirit. In many ways I envied her incredible lightness of being.

I’ve found myself wondering over the last couple of weeks since I found out about her passing, was I a good enough friend to her? I knew she was separated from her partner and I wondered if could have helped her more? I know I cannot be everything to everyone and I am not responsible for the choices she made but I can learn from this experience.

Thanks Jess for showing me that it is OK to be who I am. Thanks for teaching my girls to knit all those wonderful amazing scarves. Thanks for making me stop and look at the people around me and consider, am I being a good enough friend or can I be a better friend?

I truly hope that on the times we met, we were a source of light and happiness in your life. Rest in Peace my friend


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